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Thursday 30 November 2023

Six thousand steps

We finally had a couple of dry days last weekend. Not that it lasted! It was, however, very welcome after so much rain, wind and general gloom. I made the most of it with a Sunday stroll around my usual circuit - park, river, canal. There are small variations in my possible route but it usually works out at around 6000 steps, about 2.5 miles. Even when I move house, this route will still be possible, though it will be bookended by a steep walk downhill and a steep walk back uphill at the end. I'm choosing to see that as a healthy addition to my exercise routine, which will go some way to compensating for the loss of a staircase in the move from house to flat!

My photos are mostly self-explanatory for regular readers of my blog who have 'accompanied me' many times on this circuit. 
Winter is settling over the landscape. Most trees have lost most of their leaves, though there are still flashes of gold here and there. There were more folk about than my photos would suggest: joggers, cyclists, people walking dogs. On the river there were several rowing boats. Most seemed to be crewed by people learning how to navigate the river in those long, thin, flimsy craft. There were coaches in some of the boats and at least one chap cycling up and down the riverside path with a megaphone and a safety rope. The river has been in flood recently so it was good to see it calmer and running at a lower level. The rowing club members were taking full advantage. 

In contrast, all was very calm on the canal, allowing for some stunning reflections in the still water. 

On Salts' sports field, there was a lively football match taking place, though I haven't been able to find any details online.  It looked like a proper match rather than a practice and there were a few spectators. 

Returning on the home straight, it's always good to see the New Mill chimney and the church reflected in the canal as I arrive back in the village.


  1. Such nice calm and peaceful photos these are! Glad you got a break from rain...send some our way!

  2. Beautiful Autumn photos and reflections. Hope you enjoy your new home.

  3. Fine photos as always...such a good walk that is. Sounds like your housing business is proceeding, slowly but surely? I hope surely and no ups and downs.