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Friday, 9 December 2022

One Love

This fabulous creation, displayed in Harewood's State Dining Room, is by Hughbon Condor, an internationally respected carnival costume designer who has been associated with Leeds West Indian Carnival for many years. Called 'One Love', it depicts in a carnival costume the collective joy of Christmas and the winter season as celebrated by many different faiths and cultures. I could see a traditional Christmas tree, an angel, a Scandinavian St Lucy's Day candle crown, a Chinese dragon and lanterns, and a star. I guess perhaps I missed some other references. 

"The light dispels the darkness, the fire provides the warmth, and the belief creates the blanket to embrace the idea of 'One Love'."


  1. What a splendidly colourful creation. It makes me feel quite ashamed to be putting up my very cheap, plastic artificial tree - purchased from Woolworths in about 1970 and decorated with baubles that are older still. Over half a century of memories tied up in that tree though.