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Sunday, 4 December 2022

Harewood's gardens

Dreary and drizzly though it was, I decided to have a stroll along the lakeside at Harewood enjoying the remaining bursts of autumn colour. 

I also wandered through the Bird Garden, established in 1970, which provides a home for about 40 endangered species of birds from around the world, and where collaborative research, conservation and educational projects help promote understanding and appreciation of birds and their environments globally. 

There is a small colony of Humboldt penguins, native to coastal Peru and Chile. There are also some Chilean flamingoes, dabbling around on the edge of the lake. I only had my phone with me, so the photos are a bit disappointing as I couldn't really get near enough. 

I loved seeing the beautiful African grey cranes, the national bird of Uganda. There is a pair at Harewood. They are monogamous, bonding for life, nesting in trees and spending their days foraging for food in the wetlands and grasslands of their native east Africa. Such a privilege to be able to see these stunning birds, with their golden crowns and red throats. 


  1. A big surprise to see those penguins on your post today! Glad they are being saved.

  2. Penguins in Yorkshire. Amazing.