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Thursday, 30 September 2021

Folk art

I loved this neat example of the traditional narrow boat folk art. 'Roses and castles' is what this art form is called - though the flowers often depict more than just roses and any buildings shown may be castles or cottages or anything 'romantic'. The boats themselves and many of the items aboard - pans, kettles, planters, lamps, doors, shutters, in fact practically anything - were often painted in this way, with colourful, stylised designs. Some say it reflects the traveller lifestyle (akin to Romany caravans, which are often similarly decorative). It is almost certainly one way that the boat families could show pride in the tiny living quarters of their working homes. See HERE for more info.



  1. Beautiful painting...a style similar to that on ceramics in Victorian times, or perhaps Edwardian? Floral painted ceramics were something my grandmothers learned. But the paint on that boat certainly is in good shape, as well as good designs!