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Thursday, 11 August 2022

Weston's barns

Between All Saints Church and Weston Hall, there is a wonderful collection of old farm buildings. It's a photographer's dream really, with rickety old steps, textured stone, faded and peeling paint. I could have spent an hour just in that area, trying different compositions, but we were going on to a tour of the house, so I had to tear myself away. 

One of the buildings (below) is a Grade 2* listed barn, at least as old as the oldest part of the Hall (late 15th century) though later adapted as a coach house and stables. The owners now have a bar in there, as well as storage for hay and straw.  The way the oak roof timbers are shaped and then secured with wooden pegs is an absolute work of art - and they were buildings designed to last. 


  1. I do wonder how many layers of paint are under that bright blue finish where the loop hangs.