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Monday 17 June 2024

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park

My first visit to the Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park was in 2018 and I've been meaning to return ever since. I finally made it! Tucked away up in Nidderdale, between Masham and Ripon, the woodland gardens, now covering over 45 acres, were created by Peter and Caroline Roberts after they bought the land in 1996. The gardens are now in the care of a charitable trust. Since my last visit a lot more has been developed and there are many more sculptures, in both permanent and temporary displays. 

'Contemplation Circle' (Liam O'Neill) consists of five huge chairs, each carved from a single piece of timber. 

'Bullrushes/Reedmace' (Michael Kusz) was part of the Landscape Exhibition of pieces exploring the intersection of art and nature. 

'Roebuck Deer' is one of several realistic pieces by Hamish Mackie, who also created 'The Swift', which you can see below. 

The steep site originally had a few rhododendrons along the drive and they inspired a vision to develop the site as a Himalayan garden. It now has one of the largest collections of rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolias in the North of England. My visit was a little late in the season for the best showing of these cultivars. Most of the blooms were withered, though I still found a few bright spots of colour. 

'Fisherman Head' ( Christopher Marvell) is a quirky, humorous work, aptly sited by one of the lakes. 

'This is Not a Knot' ( Karin van der Molen) was another wry creation, suspended in the trees. 

'Magnolia' (Rebecca Newnham) floats serenely in another lake, to which it gives its name. 


  1. I loved the fish on the man's head! Beautiful all...Contemplation Circle is welcoming...I wonder if you tried sitting on one of the chairs, I would have!

  2. Art goes so well with nature.

  3. What a lovely park. Do people sit in the contemplation circle or is it just for looking?

  4. Oh, what a wonderful place. I love the art!