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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Cats of Saltaire

Not long ago, I joined the Facebook group called 'Cats of Saltaire', just out of interest. I don't have a cat but there seem to be lots in the village. The group carries information about who has gone AWOL, who has come home, who is friends with whom and lots of photos of the local cats, who seem to live quite an idyllic life around here (apart from the risk to their nine lives from cars speeding illegally through the village). 

As a result of my perusing, I can reliably report that this handsome creature with the red collar goes by the name of Chappie. He seems to be quite an adventurer. I met him along the side of the canal. He's bold and sociable, quite happy to spend a few minutes being petted and seemingly quite unconcerned about who is doing the petting. He's something of a star on the FB page, chilling out with his friends on various village walls and street corners. He seems often to be found relaxing quite happily in someone else's home. (He seems to stroll in and out of people's houses and help himself to other cats' breakfasts with a great measure of feline chutzpah, from what I can gather!)  It was lovely to meet him.