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Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Heralds of Spring

It's early for daffodils yet, and there was just one bright patch of them in the kitchen garden at Harlow Carr. Just that one patch was enough to raise my spirits! It always seems a miracle to me that spring reliably follows winter and the daffodils confirm this delight. 

That's not to overlook the other very pretty early spring bulbs, often tiny but still enough to add colour to the planting beds. There are cyclamen:

Snowdrops pushing through the leaf litter:

Aconites, like little drops of sunshine:

Dwarf iris, such a delicious blue and so prettily marked within their fluted petals (though I personally prefer the full-sized flag iris): 

and of course, all shades of colour in the different varieties of hellebores - 'Christmas roses':


  1. Spring must be on the way - though a frosty foggy morning here does little to confirm it.

  2. And just by chance I posted a full size blue iris today ...all remembering springs a while ago. I agree, those daffies do sparkle in their welcoming.

  3. This was a wonderful post to open today.

  4. These flowers do make it seem as if spring is not too far off.