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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Handmade Parade finally happened!

After a gap of two years due to the Covid pandemic and then a postponement because of Queen Elizabeth's death, Handmade Parade was finally able to take place in Hebden Bridge last weekend. It was a rather smaller affair than previously but no less exuberant. The participants are all local residents and there are workshops to help them make their costumes, as well as to train dancers, uni-cyclists and stilt walkers. I visited their huge warehouse workshop during the Open Studios event a few weeks ago - see HERE

Thankfully it didn't rain, though it was a lot colder than in previous years when the parade has taken place in early summer. I managed to get a vantage point on a corner so that proved quite good for taking pictures. It's always a wonderful atmosphere. Everybody seems to know everybody else in the small town, so it's all really friendly and good-natured. Great fun.