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Friday 23 February 2024

Swept along

A couple of photos from a recent walk by the Strid at Bolton Abbey. After heavy rain, the river was rushing with some violence through this narrow but very deep chasm. 

The photos, I feel, have some resonance with my current situation. This 'moving house' business has proved very rocky at times, and pretty stressful. I'm only glad I didn't leave it another ten years to make the move or I fear I'd not have had the stamina and resilience. It has taken a full six months, from making an offer on my new apartment and accepting an offer on my house, to being able to move. Ridiculous - and largely due to one incompetent and insouciant solicitor (not mine). However, all is finally in place and I expect to be moving next Thursday. 

I'm now getting swept along in the maelstrom of Things That Have To Be Done: last minute packing, notifying important people and authorities of change of address, getting things set up for my new abode (broadband! most important), arranging for the delivery of a new fridge-freezer (mine here is integrated so has to be left behind and there isn't one at the flat) plus looking ahead to a myriad of things that will need fixing and sorting once I get there. It feels a lot, considering I'm only moving half a mile up the road!  The most fun is trying to gauge my food stocks so that I use up most of it and don't either have to buy more or transport a lot of odds and ends. I suspect I'm going to be eating some weird combinations of things by about Tuesday, much as you do before going on holiday. Sardines and baked beans, anyone? 

So... wish me luck - and I'll see you on the other side!

And for those that prefer coloured photos, here's another one of the Strid:


  1. The water doesn't look as scary with the colour around it.
    Good luck with the move.

  2. Wishing you all the very best with your move...can relate to your difficulties with finally getting into the place. Experienced something very similar and am happy it's behind me. So take care. Will be looking forward to reading all about your settling in.

  3. Finally! That's great news indeed. A date has been set. Now for action!! Later photo is my favorite, though the patterns are pretty in the first, I can see it more clearly with color! Eat as you wish! I was very good at lunch where I only went in order to get desert, and had a cup of soup first (beside seeing friends of course.)

  4. You are going to be busy!! At last. My best wishes.

  5. Beautiful photos! And best of luck with the move!

  6. I love your photos, buy am sorry for you that you have to go through moving from house to apartment ! I had to do it all alone because my husband couldn't do anything with his Parkinson, and it had been awful we lived 45 year in this house ! Then moving in the apartment again the paper work and put the furniture in the right place. Meanwhile it got worse with Rick and he couldn't live at home anymore, his brain was damaged. When he had died not even a year later I was alone in this big apartment and one day I decided that I have to move out, and so I landed in my "castle" a Retirement home. I am 80 now and thought 3 moves are enough, this should be the last. And that was a good decision, not only I am not alone, but there are nurses and doctor here, otherwise I can lead my life as before, I still have my car and go out and I even could take my old Rosie (the cat) with me ! She sleeps the whole day ! So I know exactly what you are going through !! Wish you a lot of courage !!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you seem to be happy and settled in your 'castle'.